Estudos de caso

1. Case study

A group of vocational school pupils will design and create a product in accordance with the focus of their school, in this case it’s a confectionery product. The aim will be to sell this product on a regular market, which in this case can be made up by classmates and teachers at the school or even people outside the school. To succeed, they need to set their business plan including a marketing strategy that will consist of at least the following steps.

Establishment of working groups/teams

The groups will be designed to contain about 7 people. The groups compete with each other. Roles for leaders, salespeople, economists and manufacturers will be created. Establishment of groups and their composition is fully within the competence of the school’s pupils. However, this will correspond to the basic characteristics, see below.


Example of activities


team management, division of work, supervision,

Composition of groups

Overall management, supervision


marketing, websites, communication with a  customer, searching competition, presentation

Market research,

Distribution channels


Calculation, raw materials purchasing, finished product calculation, energy calculation, profit determination, promotion costs


Market research


production process determination, definition of production requirements, ordering raw materials, own production


Market research


Formation of the groups and role-setting will take place in the teaching of arts with possible mentor and counselling support from a teacher. Methods of work diagnostics or personality typology can be used.

Setting the SMART goals









Time specific



Value setting for the customer

Who is our target group?


Target group characteristics


Determining how to communicate with the target group.



Market Research

The next steps will lay in the market research survey (pupils and school staff), who find interest in a particular product that can be sold on the market. At the same time, it will detect likely sales. The way in which a market survey is carried out is the relevant group’s responsibility. However, they will include the tools, see below:


Example of activities

Internet Survey

Finding the necessary information though the Internet, using social networks or using e-mail communication.

Construction of the questionnaire survey

Construction of written questionnaire, its distribution and results evaluation

Leading a personal structured interview.

Preparing the interview, recording the answers and their evaluation.

Final evaluation of the tools output which were used by the whole group, product design.

Market research will be conducted in the teaching of computer technology, mother tongue, arts and economic subjects with mentoring and counselling support from teachers.

Distribution channels

Each group will create their own distribution channels to promote the product to the targeted consumer group. The distribution channels will be based on a survey of interest and therefore, knowledge of "their" customers. The degree of creativity is in the competence of each group involved, but at least these tools will be included:



Example of activities


Internet presentation, social networks and email communication


Printed leaflet with product description

Personal sale

Personal offer of goods

The creation of promotional channels and other promotional materials will be carried out in Czech language lessons, as well as computer science and arts with mentoring and counselling support from teachers.


Each group carries out a product final price calculation. This calculation shall include most of the associated costs such as labour, energy, raw materials and distribution channels (routes???) in proportion to the minimum quantity of goods sold to achieve a profit. At this stage, they won’t forget to use information from previous steps such as market research, etc. Product calculation will take place in mathematics, technology / practice and economic subjects.


In the final stage, the product will be manufactured in accordance with the relevant standards, design requirements and taste etc. After production has ended, the product will be distributed to the target group. Production will take place in the subject of technology / practice.


Developed competencies - preparatory phases



Working with information




Distribution channels

Market research

Whole process

Whole process

Setting up work groups

Market research

Distribution channels



Whole process





People Management


To cope with a burden

Flexible response


Leader position

Responsibility for conducting activities on your own section as instructed

Criticism, failures

To be able to retreat from their demands, team ties, etc.